Agitadores, agitadores de vaivén y de rotación

Agitador de balanceo Stuart™ SSL3

Provides a 3D gyratory motion, ideal for low foaming agitation, DNA extractions, staining and de-staining procedures. Bibby Scientific™ Stuart™ 3D Gyrating Rocker includes a non-slip mat which holds flat based vessels securely in place during mixing. AGITADOR TRIDIMENSIONAL 10

Heidolph™ Agitador Rotamax 120

Performs a gentle motion for sensitive samples and supports culture plates and Erlenmeyer flasks. Heidolph™ Rotamax 120 Orbital Shaker is a compact and space-saving unit with a shaking orbit of 20mm. AGITADOR ROTAMAX 22X22 CM

Grant Instruments™ Agitador de microplacas

Compact and efficient variable speed, horizontal shaker for reliable, regulated shaking of two or four microplates. MICROPLATE SHAKER

Grant Instruments™ PSU-10i Orbital Platform Shaker

PSU-10i Micropressor controlled shaking platform providing smooth and quiet horizontal orbital motion for mixing in bottles, flasks and beakers. Flatbed orbital rotator, exclusive of platform

Agitadores resistentes al CO2

Benefíciese de un funcionamiento fiable durante todo el día que resulta idóneo para que las células se mantengan con vida y crezcan dentro del entorno de trabajo. MaxQ2000CO2 Plus, Agitador Resistente CO2, 100-240V, varias clavijas, para EU y APAC

Bibby Scientific™ Disco de rotador Stuart™

Utilizados en incubadores de hasta 40°C y en salas frías de hasta a 4°C., los discos de rotor Bibby Scientific™ Stuart™ proporcionan una mezcla suave pero efectiva. Ideales para mantener muestras biológicas en suspensión o airear cultivos y para aplicaciones generales de mezclado. AGIT ROTATIVO DE DISCO Y T

Bel-Art™ SP Scienceware™ Spindrive™ Orbital Shaker Platform

Turns a standard magnetic stirrer into an orbital shaking platform saving the expense and space requirements of additional lab equipment. Shaker orbital 230V 50Hz platform Scienceware,1/Cs, MA: TBD

Heidolph™ Agitador Titramax

Ideal for use in science, research, and other laboratories, this Titramax 100 is a compact and space-saving unit that accepts load capacities of 2 kg and space for 4 microtiter plates. AGITADOR 4 MICROPLACAS ORBITA 1,5

IKA™ Agitador orbital

Accommodates almost all vessel shapes and sizes with a wide range of attachment combinations. IKA™ Orbital Shakers are available in a variety of models with features to serve a number of scientific needs. AGITADOR ORBITAL KS260 CONTROL

Heidolph™ Agitadores vórtex

Accommodates up to 26 vessels with various diameters. Heidolph™ Multi Reax Vortex Shaker includes an attachment for 26 vessels with diameters from 10 to 16mm and an attachment for 12 vessels with diameters from 16 to 32mm.The 3mm vibration orbit allows for excellent mixing results even in large and solid samples. AGITADOR VORTEX MULTI REAX

Heidolph™ Unimax 1010

The Unimax 1010 is a medium sized lab shaker and accepts load capacities of 5 kg that is ideal in science, research, and other laboratory environments. AGITADOR ROTATEST 29X26 CM

Grant Instruments™ PS-3D Variable Speed, Fixed-Angle 3D Rotator

Provides a smooth 3D orbital motion for mixing in tubes, culture flasks, dishes and boxes over the speed range 5 to 60 rpm. Grant Bio™ PS-3D Variable Speed, Fixed-Angle 3D Rotator is small but highly functional, with a low profile and small footprint, fitting neatly into the smallest workspace. 3D PLATFORM ROTATOR

Grant Instruments™ Baño con agitación lineal y orbital

Patented, combined orbital and linear shaking mechanism of the OLS26 allows optimisation of aeration and shear forces mixing, for reproducible results. Grant OLS26 combined orbital and linear shakingbath 26L, 0 to 99°C

Eppendorf™ Accesorios para ThermoMixer™ F1.5 y FP

Use this lid with ThermoMixer™ F1.5 and SmartBlocks™ 0.5mL, 1.5mL, 2.0mL, plates PCR 96, PCR 384. Eppendorf™ Lid for ThermoMixer™ F1.5 and FP is exchangeable in seconds. TAPA P THERMOMIXER F1.5, FP Y SMARTBLOCK

Agitador Stuart™ Erlen Stuart SF1

Creates a vigorous mixing action by simulating hand shaking. Bibby Scientific™ Stuart™ Flask Shaker is especially useful for prolonged shaking because it can be left on continuously and won't get tired! AGITADOR 8 ERLEN STUART SF

Grant Instruments™ PSU-20i Multi Function Orbital Platform Shaker

PSU-20i Powerful and efficient microprocessor controlled, multi-functional orbital shaker providing all that is required to mix your samples - rotation, reciprocation and vibration. This enables optimisation of the mixing, whether in flasks, beakers, petri dishes or other laboratory vessels. Large flat-bed orbital multishaker, exclusive ofplatform, 1/Cs, MA: PSU-20i

Thermo Scientific™ Agitadores orbitales de sobremesa MaxQ™ 2000 y 3000

Realice operaciones tales como mezclas generales, cultivos celulares, estudios de solubilidad, procedimientos de extracción y pruebas de diagnóstico con estos agitadores orbitales de sobremesa. PACK AGITADOR MAXQ 2000 -PROMOCION

Grant Instruments™ Grant Bio™ PMR-30 Compact Fixed-Angle Platform Rocker

Compact but highly functional fixed-angle platform rocker in the Grant-bio range, providing a smooth side to side rocking motion for gentle sample agitation in tubes, culture flasks, dishes and boxes. Suitable for use in cold rooms and incubators. PLATFORM ROCKER

Heidolph™ Agitador de microplacas Titramax 1000

Increases throughput by 50%. Heidolph™ Titramax 1000 is suitable for the modular incubator system and is recommended for applications which require variable temperature control up to 65°C. The 1.5mm vibration orbit performs gentle mixing with best results using small sample volumes. AGITADOR MICROTITRACION 6 PLACAS

Fisherbrand™ Clifton RMD024 Model Rotary Mixer Disc

DISC ROTARY MIXER AUTOCLAVABLE FOR USE WITH THERM-2 with 24 clips for for tube dia 8-11mm

Heidolph™ Promax 2020

The Promax 2020 is a large model and accepts a load capacity of 10 kg for high sample throughput. It features a stroke length of 20 mm that allows this Promax model to mix larger volumes with ease. AGITADOR VAIVEN PING PONG 39X34CM

Heidolph™ Agitador Vibramax 100


Fisherbrand™ Clifton™ Rotary Mixer Discs

Get optimum mixing results with Clifton™ tube rotators. Available as fixed or variable speed, the Clifton™ tube rotators are fully adjustable and suitable for continuous or intermittant mixing. Disc rotary mixer, use with the RM-2 with 6clips, 1/Cs, MA: FB68783

Fisherbrand™ Bottle and tube roller, variable speed 5 to 80rpm, digital display, Fisherbrand

Fisherbrand Bottle/Tube Roller, variable speed,digital display,5 to 80rpm

Heidolph™ Arco circular Unimax 2010

Large model that accepts a load capacity of 10 kg for high samples throughput that features a shaking orbit of 20 mm that performs a gentle motion for sensitive samples and supports culture plates and Erlenmeyer flasks. AGITADOR ROTATEST 39X34CM

IKA™ Basic 3D Rocker


Clifton™ Mezclador giratorio Clifton™ modelo RM2

Obtain maximum mixing results with the three layered mixing discs that are supplied, ready for tube mixing. With the perforated mixing disc it is possible to 'mix and match' a variety of flask clips to suit different applications. AGITADOR ROTATIVO VEL. REGUL

Agitador de placas Microtiter digital IKA™ MTS 2/4

Agita dos o cuatro placas de microtitulación. El agitador de placas Microtiter digital IKA™ MTS 2/4 proporciona movimiento orbital e incluye un temporizador digital con alarma para cuando termina el tiempo. AGITADOR 4 MICROPLACAS

Heidolph™ Agitadores de plataforma con ángulo de 10°

The Polymax 1040 is a medium-sized model and accepts load capacities of 5 kg. Use this model for any vessel - culture plates, media bottles, Erlenmeyer flasks - there is no limit. AGITADOR TRIDIMENSIONAL 5KG 10°