Calentadores y mantas calefactoras

Fisherbrand™ Mantas calefactoras con calefacción

Diseñada para agitar y calentar líquido: la agitación puede ser sencilla o bidireccional– CALIENTA BALON AGITADO 500ML

Thermo Scientific™ Evaporadores Reacti-Vap™

Una evaporación de muestras fácil y eficaz con unos valores mínimos de contaminación cruzada y corrosión es posible con los evaporadores Thermo Scientific™ Reacti-Vap™. EVAPORATEUR REACTIVAP 9-PORT07

Fisherbrand™ Mantas calefactoras de metal con o sin control de CMU

Features aluminum housing that is tough, chemical-resistant, lightweight and easy to clean ELECTROMANTLE 500ML

Bibby Scientific™ Electrothermal™

Combines the advantages of a regular gas burner with the clean easy operation. Electrothermal™ Electric Bunsens are ideal for non-contact heating of test tubes, crucibles, small flasks and beakers, regardless of their shape. MECHERO BUNSEN ELECTRICO 800°C

Fisherbrand™ Mantas de polipropileno con control del calor

Incluye una carcasa exterior de polipropileno resistente a productos químicos y duradera. Las mantas de polipropileno con control del calor Fisher Scientific™ minimizan los daños por derrames y permiten la máxima transferencia de calor con mínimo riesgo de rotura de frascos. Electrothermal Electromantle 500ml Capacity115V 50/60Hz, 200w

Electrothermal™ EMEA Series 3-Position Extraction Mantle With Stirring

Heats multiple round bottom flasks simultaneously with the added functionality of magnetic stirring. Electrothermal™ EMEA Series 3-Position Extraction Mantle With Stirring includes a vented case with unique air flow to ensure the outer case remains safe to touch. RAMPA 3 CALIENTA BALON 1L AGITADO

Electrothermal™ EM Series Controlled Electromantle

Includes a built-in energy regulator with indicator lamps for power and heater operation. Electrothermal™ EM Series Controlled Electromantle incorporates a grounded earth screen and double fuses for added safety. Larger capacity products have multiple heating elements, enabling a more even and directed transfer of heat. CALIENTA BALON CON REGULADOR 250ML

Electrothermal™ CMU Series Controlled Mantle

Used in chemistry to heat liquids in round bottom flasks. Electrothermal™ CMU Series Controlled Mantle includes a stainless steel grounded earth screen covering the element and is double-fused for added safety. CMU 1000ML 230V MANTLE UK AND EU PLUGS, 450C

JP Selecta™ Heating Tape

CINTA REF.S-317-150

Fisherbrand™ Manta calefactora sin control en caja metálica

Tough, chemical-resistant aluminum housing is lightweight and easy to clean ELECTROMANTLE 100 ML

Fisherbrand™ Manta calefactora

Use these heating elements with built in controllers for a variety of applications. Fisherbrand™ Heating Mantles are metal cased with a unique airflow keeping the exterior cool to the touch. CALIENTA BALON 1L

Fisherbrand™ Mantas de multiextracción: modelo 6 Recess, solo calentamiento

El flujo de aire exclusivo de la carcasa ventilada garantiza que la unidad permanezca fría al tacto“”' RAMPA DE 6 CALIENTA BALONS 500ML

Bibby Scientific™ Manta calefactora eléctrica Stuart™ serie EM

Use these heating mantles for a variety of applications. Bibby Scientific™ Stuart™ EM Series Electromantle Heating Mantles provide maximum heat transfer to the sample thanks to excellent insulation around the cartridge and good flask coverage. Heating mantle 500mL capacity EM500 controlled

Bibby Scientific™ Stuart™ HM2000C Model Heating Mantle

Heating mantle 2000ml flask capacity 360WW

Cole-Parmer™ Cintas calefactoras de elemento dual Cole-Parmer™ StableTemp™

Use these heating tapes for a wide range of thermal applications. Cole-Parmer™ StableTemp™ Dual-Element Heating Tapes offer greater flexibility than other high-temperature heating tapes and install directly to a wide variety of surfaces and geometries. HEATING TAPE 1/2 X 8FT 240V

Electrothermal™ MC810B Digital Power Controller

Provides a convenient means of temperature control. Electrothermal™ MC810B Digital Power Controller utilises a digital display and microprocessors to provide easy operation and accurate readings. REGULADOR NUM 1500W + SONDA PT100

Electrothermal™ Analogue Power Controller

Control the power supply to one piece of laboratory equipment at a time. Electrothermal™ Analogue Power Controller is designed to control the heating of resistive loads for bench top operation. REGULADOR DE POTENCIA 2000W

Bibby Scientific™ Stuart™ Fiber Heating Tape HT9


Fisherbrand™ Mantas de multiextracción: modelo 3 Recess, calentamiento y agitación

Vented case's unique airflow ensures the unit remains "cool-to-the-touch" RAMPA 3 CALIENTA BALON 250ML AGITA

Thermo Scientific™ Reacti-Vap™ Evaporator Replacement Parts

Maintain and expand the life of your Thermo Scientific™ Reacti-Vap™ Evaporator module using these quality replacement parts.

X4 Rep screws for Reacti-Vap

JP Selecta™ Heating Mantle


JP Selecta™ Regulatory Power Blankets


R&L Enterprises™ Gasa de alambre de hierro

Provides excellent support to beakers and other glassware during heating on ring stands. R&L Enterprises Wire Gauze with Ceramic Center is a flat square manufactured from galvanized iron mesh. X10 Gauzes iron wire with ceramic centre 150x150mm

Thermo Scientific™ Gas Regulators for Reacti-Vap™ Evaporators

Use these gas regulators to deliver the right amount of gas for sample evaporation using the Thermo Scientific™ ReactiVap™ Evaporator.


Electrothermal™ EMX Series Spill-Proof Electromantle

Accommodates 60°C funnels, pear-shaped or round bottom flasks. Electrothermal™ EMX Series Spill-proof Electromantle is designed to accept a large range of flasks and funnel sizes for added flexibility. Stainless steel liner over the heating element providea additional electrical and mechanical protection against spills and ensures easier cleaning. CALEFACTOR BALON INOX 2000-5000ML

Fisherbrand™ Mantas de multiextracción: modelo 3 Recess, solo calentamiento

Vented case's unique airflow ensures the unit remains “cool-to-the-touch” RAMPA DE 3 CALIENTA BALONS 1000ML