Gafas de protección y máscaras faciales

3M™ Sobregafas de policarbonato

A reliable, economical choice in vision safety. 3M™ Tour-Guard™ III Protective Over-the-Glass Eyewear features durable, sturdy construction to help protect sight with confidence and clarity. GAFAS OX2000

Protector facial Honeywell™ Clearways

Offering both strength and durability with economical replacement visors available in acetate or polycarbonate. Sperian™ Honeywell™ Clearways Faceshields are lightweight and comfortable enough to wear all day. PANTALLA DE PROTECCION SIN VISERA

3M™ Gafas para visitante de policarbonato

Se pueden llevar solas o sobre la mayoría de gafas graduadas de estilo actual. Las lentes de las gafas para visitante de policarbonato 3M™ con viseras y paneles laterales de protección moldeados integrados proporcionan una protección máxima. X20 SAFETY GLASSES VISITOR PC COLORELESS

Gafas de policarbonato Blast™

Enjoy guaranteed maximum safety for all, including wearers of prescription glasses, with Bolle Protection™ Polycarbonate Safety Glasses, Over The Glasses (OTG), also featuring a highly wrap-around and attractive style. SAFETY GOGGLES COVE ALL

Gafas de seguridad para protección facial y ocular de revestimiento transparente Honeywell™ A800

Providing protection that's easy on the eyes and the pocket. Sperian™ Honeywell™ A800 Series Clear Hard Coat Safety Glasses are durable and scratch-resistant.
X10 GAFAS A800

3M™ Gafas de seguridad SecureFit™

Tecnología de difusión de la presión en la sien que ayuda a difundir la presión sobre la oreja para mejorar la comodidad de la montura SAFETY GLASSES SECUREFIT - AMBER LENS AS/AF

Bolle Protection™ Protector facial de policarbonato SPHERE™

VISOR/FACE SHIELD BOLLE EN166 1B PLANO, SPHERE,c/w adjustable headgear & brow guard polycarbonate

Bolle Protection™ Gafas de seguridad de policarbonato modelo X90

Feel the ventilation capability of the Bolle Protection™ X90 Model Polycarbonate Safety Goggles as they are worn.The lens coating features an is anti-fog, anti-scratch surface. FACEMASK GLASSES X90

3M™ GoggleGear™ 500 Series Safety Goggles

Scotchgard Anti-Fog coating resists fogging longer than traditional anti-fog coatings and retains its effectiveness even after multiple washings. 3M Goggle Gear 501 Polycarbonate Clear

3M™ Dispensador de toallitas desechables para limpieza de lentes

Provides effective cleaning solutions for a range of work environments. 3M™ Disposable Lens Cleaning Tissue Dispenser, 500 Sachets can be easily carried in pockets for use in the field. DISPENSADOR 500 TOALLITAS OCULAR

Bolle Protection™ Gafas de seguridad con lentes de policarbonato y montura de nailon azules

Incluyen protecciones laterales. Las gafas de seguridad con lentes de policarbonato y montura de nailon azules Bolle Protection™ tienen patillas de longitud ajustable. EYESHIELD,FRISCO BLUE

Bolle Protection™ Gafas de seguridad graduadas

Wear the ultra-comfortable and technical Bolle Protection™ Polycarbonate Safety Glasses. They offer historic and unique protective options in the safety glasses range. SPECTACLES BOLLE TRACKER II WRAP AROUND WITHadjustable strap black nylon frame polycarbonate

Gafas de seguridad Honeywell™ FogBan™

Provides total wraparound coverage and ensures exceptional peripheral vision. Sperian™ Honeywell™ XC™ Clear FogBan™ Safety Glasses protect from the top of the eye to the bottom with no gaps. GAFAS XC ANTI-VAHO

Vilber Lourmat™ UV Protection Face Shield

Rich, robust UV (ultraviolet) protection face shield that fully protects the face. MASCARA DE PROTECCION UV

Sperian™ V-Maxx Acetate Safety Goggle


3M™ Gafas de seguridad graduadas

To be worn their own or over current style prescription spectacles. 3M™ Überbrille Visitor Glasses lenses with integrated molded sideshields and browguards provide maximum protection. Visitor Schutzbrille AS/UV, PC, Rahmen klar

Sperian™ Gafas de seguridad de protección facial y ocular con montura Honeywell™

Offering high levels of comfort and support. Sperian™ Honeywell™ ARMAMAX AX™ Clear Lens Safety Goggles fit comfortably over prescription eyewear.

Bolle Protection™ Gafas GSK-VISPI

Manufactured from polycarbonate. Bolle Protection™ GSK-VISPI Spectacles can be worn over spectacles. COVER SPECTACLES VISITEUR PC CLEAR

BioClean Clearview™ Panoramic Autoclavable Goggles

Provide optically correct and an extra feild of vision X12 Autoclavable Panoramic Cleanroom Goggle

Sperian™ Gafas de seguridad

Providing rock solid protection at a rock bottom price. Sperian™ Honeywell™ A700 Series Clear Anti-Fog Safety Glasses provide a stylish fit for the everyday wearer. X10 SAFETY GLASSES A700 FOGBAN

3M™ 2890 Series Polycarbonate Lens Safety Goggles

Safety glasses AF / UV, A, without clearVents (gas tight)

3M™ Fahrenheit™ Safety Goggles

FHEITF Vollsichtbrille Fahrenheit, Poly-carbonatscheiben, indirekte Belüftung

Bolle Protection™ Gafas de policarbonato

Let Bolle Protection™ Polycarbonate Goggles provide the affordability and flexibility that give you comfortable protection. The goggles have a wrap-around fit. GAFAS BANDIDO

BioClean™ Clearview™ Autoclavable Goggles

Optically correct design for clear vision in controlled environments X12 Autoclavable Cleanroom Goggle

Univet™ Safety Glasses