Control y contención de vertidos

3M™ Chemical Spill Kits

Chemical Spill Kit Sk 26

3M™ Dispensador del kit de respuesta ante vertidos

Ideal para una respuesta rápida a la limpieza y contención de derrames químicos. El dispensador de kit de derrames químicos 3M™ contiene 4 kits que incluyen 2 unidades de formato múltiple, guantes de nitrilo, recogedor y escoba, bolsa desechable y lazo. Los dispensadores se pueden montar en la pared o en un estante para el acceso inmediato en áreas en las que es probable que se produzcan derrames. SPILL RESPONSE KIT DISPENSER HAZARDOUS CHEMICAL1.5L absorbency per kit. Do not use with

3M™ Rollos de absorbente de productos químicos

Relatively inert and powerful enough to handle dilute acids, bases, solvents, oils and many other hazardous liquid spills. 3M™ Chemical Absorbent Rolls are flexible enough to be adapted to a wide range of sizes. X2 3M CHEMICAL SORBENT ROLLS

Bel-Art™ Recolector de mercurio SP Scienceware™

Captura partículas de mercurio derramado con rapidez y comodidad. El colector de mercurio SP Scienceware™ tiene capacidad para 125 ml de mercurio. X12 REPLACEMENT PADS (PACK OF 12)

3M™ Absorbentes químicos estándar

Absorba prácticamente cualquier líquido con estos absorbentes de productos químicos CHEMICAL ABSORBENT PARTICULATE 54L ABSORBENCY/CASE

Bel-Art™ SP Scienceware™ Spill Containment Tray with Grid

Large, deep, polypropylene tray protects users by capturing accidental hazardous spills x 1 TRAY,SPILL CONTAINMENT,LARGE W/RACK

3M™ Industrial Absorbent Sheet


Justrite™ Bandeja para derrames

Recoja fugas accidentales. La cubeta para derrames de botes de eliminación permite usar recipientes con un diámetro de hasta 30.5 cm (12 pulg). HPLC SPILL BASIN DURABLE POLYETHYLENE 19L

Buerkle™ Burkle™ Plastic Plastic Foam Insert

Repuesto plantilla espuma, recogedor de mercurio

Haleco™ Anti-contamination Kit

Allows rapid intervention in small spills. Haleco™ Anit-contamination Kit includes flexible transport bag complete with 10 sheets, 2 sockets, 2 wipers, recovery bag with fasteners, and a pair of gloves. chemical kit absorbent 20l bag

Buerkle™ Burkle™ Mercury Collector

Recogedor de mercurio, frasco con tapa

3M™ Mini Boom Indus


3M™ Chemical Sorbent

X2 Chem. Industriebindevlies P190

3M™ Almohadillas absorbentes de petróleo

Conveniently sized pads allow the user to quickly spread sorbent over and in the path of a spill. 3M™ Petroleum Sorbent Pads feature a low-profile design for easy placement in tight areas. X200 Oil absorbing sheet 39 x 53 x 0,5cmFlüssigkeiten, 43x48cm

Fisherbrand™ Spill Alarm

Immediate alert to liquid spills ALARM LIQUID OVERFILL ALARMS/LIGHTflashes with liquid contact with 3m cable and AA

3M™ Maintenance Sorbent Multi-Format

3M Industriebindevlies M-F 2001, VE=3

3M™ Multifoam Absorbent


3M™ Absorbent Pad


Cole-Parmer™ Replacement Sponge


3M™ Roll Indus Absorbent


3M™ Maintenance Sorbent Mini-Booms

X6 Maintenance Sorbent Mini Boom 7.5cmx2.4m

EMD Millipore Thick Absorbent Pad

Cellulose support pads increase flow rate and throughput X100 CARTON ABSORBENTE GRUESO 34MM

Justrite™ EcoPolyBlend™ Accumulation Center

Create custom systems to deliver a complete solution. The Justrite™ EcoPolyBlend™ Accumulation Center combines units to create customized spill-control systems, allowing for the perfect solution to specific industry needs. SPILL PALLET 6 DRUMS 276L

Micronova™ NovaSpill™ Cleanroom Sorbent

X12 Spill control for controlled environment,

Justrite™ EcoPolyBlend™ Low Line Pallets

For pumping operations or waste collection activities LOW LINE PALLET 2 DRUMS