Guantes, gafas y seguridad

3M™ Mascarilla reutilizable

State-of-the-art features provide unsurpassed comfort. The 3M Reusable Half Face Mask Respirator uses a Bayonet Attachment System for twin lightweight filters to protect against gases, vapors, and particulates. RESPIRATOR 3M HALF MASK SILICONE LARGE

3M™ Cartucho de gas y vapor

Combines excellent protection with superb comfort and balance. The 3M Gas and Vapor Cartridge is trapezoidal shaped and works with half- and full-facemasks that have bayonet connections systems. X8 FILTRO ABEK1 SERIE 5000

3M™ 4520 Series Disposable Protective Coveralls

X20 White Hoodless Coverall 4520CS Size XXXXL

3M™ Gafas de seguridad SecureFit™

Pressure Diffusion Temple Technology that helps diffuse pressure over the ear to enhance frame comfort SAFETY GLASSES SECUREFIT - CLEAR LENS AS/AF

Fisherbrand™ Basic Protection Disposable Pleated Bouffant Caps

Bouffant's elastic headband is encapsulated in soft poly thread for great comfort and basic protection X1000 PP Bouffant Cap pleated white XL

Thermo Scientific™ Lithium Battery

Battery,lithium ion w/conn

Fisherbrand™ Bandeja de almacenamiento de 3 compartimentos acrílica

Keep spare lab and office items easily accessible. Fisherbrand™ Acrylic Dispensing Bins have large openings with hinged lids for easy filling and dispensing. The sturdy clear bins make it easy to monitor inventory. Four compartments help organize small parts. RECIPIENTE ALMACENAGE 3 COMPARTIMIENTOS

Saint Gobain Performance Plastics™ Guante protector de manos de caucho de silicona resistente al calor

Protect your hands while handling hot labware with this glove. Saint Gobain Performance Plastics™ Silicone Rubber Hand Protector Heat Resistant Glove features multiple concave tipped studs for a non-slip grip. MANO SILICONA -50/+250°C

3M™ Gafas con cubierta OX de policarbonato

Wear alone or over prescription glasses. 3M™ OX3000 Polycarbonate Cover Spectacles with adjustable lens angle and temple length provide optimal fit. Straight, flat, adjustable straps are compatible with 3M™ Earmuffs. Soft and narrow strap ends provide comfortable wear. COVER SPECTACLES OX3000 CLEAR POLYCARBONATE LENSclear frame Arearo, 1/Cs, MA: TBD

Fisherbrand™ Bolígrafos técnicos científicos

Fast-drying ink in four colors X6 Scientific technical pen Fisherbrand quick

Cole Parmer™ Industrial Gauges


Thermo Scientific™ Cajón apilable, acrílico, para uso general

Compartimento para almacenamiento de alta densidad para cajones apilables Thermo Scientific™Nalgene que se puede montar en una estantería o cabina con los tornillos suministrados. CAJON APILABLE 114X229X229

Afora™ Llave macho

Use the Afora™ Male Key as a lockout tagout device. MACHO 14/23 LLAVE CTF

Fisherbrand™ Transport Boxes

For transporting biological and clinical samples, as well as instruments and products that you want to keep clean and dry under testing environmental conditions. Fisherbrand™ Transport box is made of polycarbonate and available in three colors for user/owner identification. Transport box DuraPorter with red handles red

3M™ Gafas de seguridad SecureFit™ serie 400

Reduces slippage from head movements. 3M™ SecureFit™ Anti-Scratch, Anti-Fog Safety Spectacles provide a secure and comfortable fit with the 3M Pressure Diffusion Temple Technology. SecureFit Series Protective Eyewear - PC, Indoor / Outdoor Mirror Lens, AS

3M™ Filtros Dustmaster™


Fisherbrand™ Labtool II™ and Mini-Labtool™

Pocket-size, multi-use tools are ideal for hundreds of lab needs MINI PINZA PLEGABLE MULTIFUNCION

3M™ Respirador de partículas de la serie Aura™ 9300

Lightweight and foldable. The 3M Aura Particulate Respirator uses a unique three-panel design for greater comfort and easy communication. MASQUE AURA FFP2 COOL FLOW

Fisherbrand™ Cepillo de tamiz

Sieve brush, double ended, nylon bristle, 20x230mm

3M™ Versaflo™ M-100 Series PAPR Faceshield Assembly

Provide respiratory and limited eye protection RESPIRATOR, POWERED AIR VERSAFLO FACESHIELD C/Wcoatedvisor and flame resistant faceseal

Fisherbrand™ Polyethylene Sample Bags

For use in the laboratory to take samples into a sterile environment. BOLSA ESTERIL 540 ML IINS FW

Thermo Scientific™ Jeringas de plástico desechables National Target

Utilice estas jeringas de plástico desechables para dispensar los volúmenes pequeños de líquidos, o para ejercer presión través de nuestros filtros de jeringa. X100 LUER-SLIP PLASTIC SYRINGE, 3ML

3M™ Qualitative Fit-Test Kit, Sweet

Use to check face-to-respirator seal on any particulate respirator or gas/vapor respirator with a particulate prefilter X6 RESPIRATOR SWEET FIT TEST SENSITIVITY SOLUTION(pack of 6)

3M™ Standard Pipes