Guantes, gafas y seguridad

3M™ Filtro de partículas

Offers low breathing resistance. The 3M Particulate Filter uses bayonet-style cartridges for half- or full-facemasks. X20 PARTICULATE FILTER 2125 P2 BAYONET FITTING(PACK OF 20)

Fisherbrand™ Bandeja de almacenamiento de 3 compartimentos acrílica

Keep spare lab and office items easily accessible. Fisherbrand™ Acrylic Dispensing Bins have large openings with hinged lids for easy filling and dispensing. The sturdy clear bins make it easy to monitor inventory. Four compartments help organize small parts. RECIPIENTE ALMACENAGE 3 COMPARTIMIENTOS

Fisherbrand™ Bolígrafos técnicos científicos

Fast-drying ink in four colors X6 Pen Fisherbrand scientific technical pen,

Thermo Scientific™ Protector facial de policarbonato Nalgene™

Wear this adjustable polycarbonate faceshield over safety glasses. It provides impact protection and features an optically clear 1/16″ thick polycarbonate window. PANTALLA PROTECCION UV+PROYECCION

3M™ 4520 Series Disposable Protective Coveralls

X20 White Hoodless Coverall 4520CS Size XXXL

3M™ Gafas de seguridad SecureFit™

Pressure Diffusion Temple Technology that helps diffuse pressure over the ear to enhance frame comfort SAFETY GLASSES SECUREFIT - CLEAR LENS AS/AF

3M™ Cartucho de gas y vapor

Combines excellent protection with superb comfort and balance. The 3M Gas and Vapor Cartridge is trapezoidal shaped and works with half- and full-facemasks that have bayonet connections systems. X8 FILTRO ABEK1 SERIE 5000

Fisherbrand™ Labtool II™ and Mini-Labtool™

Pocket-size, multi-use tools are ideal for hundreds of lab needs MINI PINZA PLEGABLE MULTIFUNCION

3M™ Optoelectronic Tape


3M™ Gafas con cubierta OX de policarbonato

Wear alone or over prescription glasses. 3M™ OX3000 Polycarbonate Cover Spectacles with adjustable lens angle and temple length provide optimal fit. Straight, flat, adjustable straps are compatible with 3M™ Earmuffs. Soft and narrow strap ends provide comfortable wear. COVER SPECTACLES OX3000 CLEAR POLYCARBONATE LENSclear frame Arearo, 1/Cs, MA: TBD

Fisher Scientific™ Lupas

Applied for laboratory use and other precision scientific work MAGNIFIER NOTILLUMINATED, W/ ADJUSTABLe focus, small size 25.44mm diameter magnification

Fisherbrand™ Alkaline Battery

Use this AA battery with a wide range of electronic devices. AA Alkaline Battery

Fisherbrand™ Radiation Storage Boxes

Ideal for protection against Beta or Gamma radiation, these Gamma Midi Duo Radiation boxes with hinged lid and central swivel covers are used in many research, scientific, and other laboratory environments. Gamma 2 Pig-Pen Box, 1/C

Cole Parmer™ Industrial Gauges


3M™ Aura™ Specialty Respirator, Series 9300

Lightweight and foldable. The 3M Aura Particulate Respirator uses a unique three-panel design for greater comfort and easy communication. MASQUE FFP1 ODEUR ORG COOLFLO

Fisherbrand™ Alfombrillas de entrada adhesivas

General sticky mats are ideal to use in cleanrooms of electronic industry, pharmaceutical industry, hospitals, laboratories and food industries for maintaining critical clean environment X120 ADHESIVE MAT BLEU 46X114 CM

Fisherbrand™ Advanced Protection Disposable Facemasks

Provides convenient protection X500 Face mask PP white 3-ply with loops

Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ Torque Wrench Fittings for HDPE Closures

Assure accurate torque readings when applying closures onto bottles with Nalgene Torque Wrench Fittings for HDPE Closures. FITTING FOR 24-415 HDPE CLOSINGHDPE-Verschluss 24-415

Texwipe™ IdealMat™ Contamination Control Mats - 60 Layer

Apply directly to floor KLIBBMATTA 64X114 60 LAGERBLÅ FP=4 ITW ALMA

RL Enterprises™ Mat

Mat non slip dychem polymeric compound 170 x 160mm

3M™ Particulate Filters


Fisher Scientific™ Cinta de etiquetado de laboratorio

Available in multiple colors X4 Label tape Fisherbrand supplied on roll red

3M™ Neck Guards


3M™ PELTOR™ Optime™ II Helmet Mounted Ear Muffs

Ear muff 3M H520P3E Optime II helmet attachment,

3M™ Respirador de media máscara sin mantenimiento desechable

Offers reliable respiratory protection against a range of gases, vapors, and particulates. The 3M Disposable Maintenance-Free Half Mask Respirator can be used until damaged, particulate filters clog, gas filters become saturated or after one month. SEMI-MASCARILLA ABE1P3D

3M™ White Polyethylene Laminate Category I Protective Coveralls

X20 Coverall white PPE Category I, simple designsingle use large

3M™ S-Series Integrated Suspension Hoods and Head Covers

Lightweight, loose-fitting hoods and head Covers offer both comfort and protection X5 CAGOULE LEGERE BLANC TAILLE S/M