Piezas de repuesto para cromatografía

Thermo Scientific™ Tubos capilares de PEEK

Utilice estos bucles de muestras para sus inyectores de muestras de HPLC Thermo Scientific™ Rheodyne™.  TUBO CAPIL PEEK 1/16X0,005

Thermo Scientific™ Férrulas 15 % de grafito/85 % de vespel para instrumentos Thermo Scientific

Garantice conexiones fiables para instrumentos de GC Thermo Scientific™ con estas férrulasThermo Scientific™. X10 Vespel/Graphite Ferrule For0.1-0.25 (use 290BT239 nut)

Thermo Scientific™ Stainless Steel Unions, Tees and Crosses

Minimize system dead volumes and ensure reliable high-pressure connections in your HPLC system with Stainless-Steel Unions, Tees and Crosses. SS UNION 10-32 0.25 MM ID

Thermo Scientific™ Reacti-Block™ Aluminum Blocks

Configure the Thermo Scientific™ Reacti-Therm™ Module with interchangeable aluminum blocks with a variety of hole configurations for vials and tubes.


Kimble™ Kontes™ Disposaflex™ Lower Column Fitting

For Disposaflex Disposable Polypropylene Column Set X100 LUER TIP PP

Thermo Scientific™ Tubos capilares de acero inoxidable 316 para HPLC

Utilice los tubos capilares de acero inoxidable Thermo Scientific™ 316 para HPLC limpios, pulidos y pasivados, listos para su uso. Flexible Kapillare 1/32'OD x 0.007'ID

Thermo Scientific™ Tubos capilares PEEKsil™

Obtenga una excelente compatibilidad química y una contaminación cruzada muy baja utilizando los tubos capilares altamente inertes Thermo Scientific™ PEEKsil™. X5 Tubing 200x0.1mm PEEKsil

Thermo Scientific™ Super Clean™ Gas Cartridge Filters

Improve gas quality and optimize GC analysis with easy-to-use Thermo Scientific™ Super Clean™ Gas Cartridge Filters.


Thermo Scientific™ Septa

Use low bleed, robust BTO Septa for demanding GC-MS applications. TR-GREEN 9MM

Thermo Scientific™ PEEK Fingertight Fittings

Ensure HPLC quality and robustness with Thermo Scientific™ PEEK Fingertight Fittings. X10 FINGERTIGHT PEEK LONG CABEZA

Thermo Scientific™ Férrulas100 % de grafito para instrumentos Thermo Scientific

Garantice conexiones fiables de instrumentos de GC Thermo Scientific™ con estas férrulas100 % de grafito para instrumentos Thermo Scientific. X10 Ferrule Thermo Scientific for injectors/detect

Thermo Scientific™ Click-On™ Inline Gas Filter Connectors

Use these quality end fittings o-rings, and other connectors for your Thermo Scientific™ Click-On™ Inline Filters.


Kimble™ Kontes™ Flex-Column Chromatography Fittings: Adapter

X2 Adapter F Ultra-Ware Standard version F-Luer

Thermo Scientific™ SilTite™ Ferrule Kits

Eliminate leaks with Thermo Scientific™ SilTite Ferrule Kits. X10 FERRULES SILTITE KITS 0.53 MM

Thermo Scientific™ General Gas Chromatography Tubing and Tools

Use Thermo Scientific™ General Gas Chromatography Tubing and Tools to maintain and optimize your GC instrument. PROBES

Thermo Scientific™ Javelin™ Direct-Connection Column Filters

Protect HPLC systems with one-piece Thermo Scientific™ Javelin Direct-Connection Column Filters.


Thermo Scientific™ Sistema incubación de muestras de bloque seco Reacti-Therm ™

Consiga una calefacción estable y uniforme para derivatizaciones y otras reacciones a pequeña escala gracias al sistema de incubación de muestras de bloque seco modular Thermo Scientific™ Reacti-Therm™, que es muy fácil de usar. REACTI-THERM III TRIPLE BLOCK HEAT

Thermo Scientific™ SilTite™ Ferrules

Thermo Scientific™ SilTite Ferrules are for use with capillary column connectors. X10 FERRULE SILTITE 0.32MM I.D.(pack of 10)

Thermo Scientific™ RheFlex™ High-Pressure Fittings

Ensure reliable high-pressure connections with Thermo Scientific™ RheFlex™ High-Pressure Fittings. FERRULE RHEFLEX HIGH PRESSURE316 stainless steel for model 81250.55mm

Thermo Scientific™ Replacement Filters for Unifilter Direct-Connection/ColumnPlus

Thermo Scientific™ Replacement Filters for Unifilter Direct-Connection/ColumnPlus are offered as particle size 0.5μm. X5 HPLC filter Thermo Scientific UNIFILTER direct-

Thermo Scientific™ SWAP-IT™ GC-MS Interface System

Make column changeovers quick and easy. Use this GC-MS interface system to switch capillary columns without the need to vent your mass spectrometer (MS).


Cole Parmer™ Kit de accesorios de manguera dentada de polipropileno Cole Parmer

Organize your workstation with convenient barbed fittings kits. Cole-Parmer™ Hose Barb Fitting Kits let you keep a variety of barbed fitting styles on hand. Polypropylene fittings are autoclavable. Include sturdy plastic case to keep fittings organized. X240 CONECTORES TUBO 1,6 A 3,2M

Thermo Scientific™ Stand-alone Guard Cartridge Holders

For use with HPLC columns with I.D. ranging from 1.0 to 4.0mm STAND ALONE CARTRIDGE HOLDER 1,0MM

Thermo Scientific™ Click-On™ Inline Gas Filters

Eliminate contamination from your gas source for optimal GC performance with the easy-to-use Thermo Scientific™ Click-On™ Inline Gas Filters.


Thermo Scientific™ SilTite™ Replacement Ferrules , Nuts and Baseplate Seals

Eliminate leaks with the Thermo Scientific™ SilTite Ferrule. X5 SilTite nut Thermo Scientific GC/MS interface

Thermo Scientific™ Pre-cut PEEK Tubing in a 5-foot Coil

Thermo Scientific™ Pre-cut PEEK Tubing in a 5-foot Coil is easily cut to the desired length. PEEK CAPILLARY TUBING 1/16X 0.007, 5' YELLOW

Thermo Scientific™ Detector de fugas de gases GLD Pro

Quickly locate and identify gas leaks in your GC instrument with the Thermo Scientific™ GLD Pro Gas Leak Detector. GLD PRO GAS LEAK DETECTOR