Accesorios para balanzas

Eppendorf™ Centering Ring

Centering-ring Sartorius

Eppendorf™ Vessel Holder

Vessel holder (set of 1x15mm and 1x24mm)

Eppendorf™ RC Balance

Sartorius RC balance accessories

Fisherbrand™ Baterías de repuesto para higrómetros

For use with Hygrometers AAA Alkaline Battery

Eppendorf™ Balance Accessories

Mettler AT balance accessories balance pan adapterVerbindungs-kabel

Sartorius™ Covers for Cubis™ Analytical and Precision Balances

Protective in-use and dust covers for Sartorius balances. 6960MS05 Arbeitsschutzhaube Kopf

Sartorius™ Impresoras de balanza

Transfer data automatically or manually. Sartorius&trade ;Balance Printers record individual weighing data and generate a statistical evaluation of weighing data. Values transferred from an on-line weighing instrument are stored. PRINTER SARTORIUS YDP20-0CE FOR SARTORIUS BALANCESpoweredvia balance

Sartorius™ Checkweighing Display for Sartorius Balances and Scales

For use with CPA, Extend ED, M-Power, Master Pro LA Balances, SE and ME Ultramicro and Microbalances. DISPLAY,RED GREEN RED,INCLUDES 2.5M CABLE

OHAUS™ In-Use Cover for Navigator Series Balances

For use with Navigator Series Balances. In-use cover Ohaus for Navigator(R) XT balances

OHAUS™ Adapter Kit and RS232 Accessory for STP103 Printer for Balances

In use cover kit for easier cleaning. PRINTER CABLE FOR STP-103 PRINTER FOR MB, DISCOVERy, Ranger, Defender,Pioneer,Adventurer Pro kit 2

Ohaus™ Soportes para cortavientos

Use these draft shield posts with Ohaus balances. BALANCE RANGER 3000 30KG/1G

Sartorius™ Balances, Power Cords

For use with Sartorius balances power cable

Sartorius™ Cubiertas antipolvo para balanzas

Durable dust cover protects balances and scales from dust and dirt and from debris. FUNDA PROTECCION BANDEJA 116MM

OHAUS™ MB200 Series Balance Accessories

For use with Ohaus MB200 Moisture Analyzers. X100 Pan Liners 6081-00 Ohaus for MB200 moisture

OHAUS™ Bench Scales Computer Data Transfer Cables

Connects Link Champ General-Purpose Bench Scales to IBM-PC computers via standard RS-232-C. CABLE BALANZA OHAUS/PC DB9

Sartorius™ Papel de impresora

Paper for various Sartorius printers. Paper Roll for HX20/YDP01 (pack of 5)

Sartorius™ Weighing Tables

Prevent damage to the surface of weights with these weighing tables. Sartorius™ Weighing Tables are completely made of cast stone, except for the shock absorbers. WEIGHING TABLE

OHAUS™ Security Lock-down Device for Explorer™ Pro Toploading and Analytical Balances

For use with Explorer Pro Toploading and Analytical Balances. ANTI THEFT CABLE EXPLORER

OHAUS™ Display Cover for MB35 and MB45 Moisture Analyzers

For MB35 and MB45 Moisture Analyzers. FUNDA DE PROTECCIÓN PARA MB35/45

OHAUS™ Adapter for Dot Matrix Impact Printer

For Scout Pro and Navigator Series balances. ADAPTADOR CBM910 PARA SCOUT PRO

RS232 Interface Kit, for OHAUS™ Scout STX and SKX Precision Portable Balances

For use with Scout STX and SKX series Precision Portable Balances. RS232 Interface Kit, Scout

OHAUS™ Papel para impresora de impacto

For SF-42 printer. X5 Paper roll Ohaus for SF42 printer for Defender

USB Host Interface Kit, for OHAUS™ Scout STX and SKX Precision Portable Balances

Helps to export or import the menu settings and application mode setting parameter. USB Host Interface Kit, Scout

OHAUS™ Temperature Calibration Kit for MB35 and MB45 Moisture Analyzers

For use with MB35 and MB45 Moisture Analyzers. KIT DE CALIBRACION DE TEMPERATURA

Sartorius™ Kits de determinación de densidad para balanzas

Use with Sartorius™ balances to determine the density of solids and liquids KIT DETERMINACION DE MASA VOLÚMICA

Ohaus™ Foot Plate Set


OHAUS™ USB Cable for Explorer Balances

Allows Explorer balances to be connected to peripherals, including monitors and computers. USB CABLE EXPLORER

OHAUS™ RS232 Cable and Adapter for 8025042 Printers

Connects the AP, Voyager, Voyager Pro, Explorer, Explorer Pro, and Adventurer balances to Compact Dot Matrix Impact Printers (8025042). CABLE IMPRESORA/EXPLORER VOYAGER

Sartorius™ Door Handle

69BS0001 Türgriffset für YDS01LP (3 Stück)

OHAUS™ Foot Switch Kit for Explorer™ Series Balances

For use with Explorer Precision High Capacity balances. FOOTSWITCH EXPLORER