Balanzas analíticas

Fisher Scientific™ Traceable™ SpatulaBalance™

Unique spatula scoops material and instantly weighs it. ESPATULA DE PESADA

Fisherbrand™ Balanza analítica

Incluye cortavientos fácil de limpiar, indicador de nivel inicial y ajustes ambientales seleccionables Las balanzas analíticas Fisherbrand™ son ideales para satisfacer las necesidades de pesaje rutinario de la mayoría de laboratorios. Analytical balance 210g/0,1mg internal calibration

Cole-Parmer™ Novasina™ LabMaster™ Advanced Water Activity Meter with Full Temperature Control

Determine the amount of water activity (Aw) in food, cosmetics and pharmaceutical products. Novasina™ LabMaster™ Advanced Water Activity Meters with Full Temperature Control enable measurements under fully controlled chamber temperature conditions. LABMASTER ADVANCED WATER ACTIVITY METER

Cole Parmer™ Stainless Steel Balance

BALANZA 150G 0,01G 220V

Fisherbrand™ Analizador de humedad

Moisture analyzer MBS65 60g/5mg

Sartorius™ Balanzas de pesaje de precisión Quintix™

Advanced weighing technology provides reliable and accurate results Balanza de precisión Quintix 213-1S

Sartorius™ Balanzas analítica de pesaje Practum™

Obtain professional results with a world-class weighing instrument. Sartorius™ Practum™ Analytical Weighing Balances boast an innovative housing design and rugged weigh cell for easy weighing and outstanding connectivity when transferring results to Microsoft™ Excel™ spreadsheet or printer. BALANCIA PRACTUM 120G X 0.1MG 124-1S

Sartorius™ Balanzas analíticas Cubis™ MSA

The Ultimate Solution BALANCE CUBIS MSA 220G/0.1MG

Sartorius™ Cubis™ Series MSU623P Model Precision Balances

BALANCE CUBIS MSU623P-000-DE TOP PAN 150/300/620Gmanual mgdraft shield 100-240V 50-60Hz 1/2/5mg

OHAUS™ Balanzas de precisión Serie Explorer™

All-new Explorer balances deliver unequaled quality and dependability. OHAUS Explorer Series Precision Balances have faster stabilization time which improves operational efficiency, increases throughput and improves productivity. BALANCE EXPLORER TOUCHLESS 10,2KG/0,1G

OHAUS™ Balanzas analíticas Serie Explorer™

Faster weighing with improved repeatability and vibration filtering. OHAUS Explorer Series Analytical Balances deliver accurate results within seconds, improving operator efficiency, productivity and throughput, with a stabilization time up to 50% faster that earlier models. BALANCE EXPLORER 120G/0,1MG

OHAUS™ Balanzas portátiles de precisión Scout™ SKX

Fast weighing speed and high resolution deliver repeatable and reliable results. OHAUS Scout SKX Precision Portable Balances are ideal for demanding classroom applications. Portable balance Scout SKX 1200g/10mg

Sartorius™ Cubis™ Series MSE224S Model Analytical Balances

BALANCE CUBIS MSU224S-000-DU TOP PAN 220G MANUALanalyticaldraft shield 100-240V 50-60Hz 0.1mg

OHAUS™ Cent-O-Gram™ and Dial-O-Gram™ Balances

Support centigram accuracy and encourage student precision. OHAUS Cent-O-Gram and Dial-O-Gram Balance comes with three-point base, special floating bearing principle, and beam design which eliminates need for level adjustment. BALANCE SINGLE PAN 311-00 CENT-O-GRAM 311G SENSITIVITY 10MG

Sartorius™ Balanzas analíticas Cubis™ Essential

The right choice for users without complex operations who primarily want to perform ultra-precise weighing balance Cubis Essential 320g/0.1mg

Sartorius™ Balanzas de pesaje de carga superior Quintix™

Advanced weighing technology provides reliable and accurate results Quintix® Precision Balance 6.100g / 1mg

OHAUS™ Balanzas portátiles de precisión Scout™ STX

Fast weighing speed and high resolution deliver repeatable and reliable results, thereby setting new standards in laboratory and industrial weighing. OHAUS Scout STX Precision Portable Balances offer quick and efficient navigation with the informative color touchscreen display. It offers multiple built-in application modes, making even the most complex weighing tasks easy to perform. Advanced Portable balance Scout STX 1200g/10mg

Sartorius™ Balanzas de carga superior Entris™

Cuando necesita realizar una gran carga de trabajo de aplicaciones repetitivas de manera rápida BALANCE ENTRIS 2200G X 0.01G

OHAUS™ Pioneer™ Precision Balances: Excal Model, 180mm Platform

For basic routine weighing in variety of laboratory, industrial and education applications Pioneer PA4202, 4200g x 0.01g

Sartorius™ Balanzas de pesaje de precisión Secura™

Easy, reliable weighing in regulated work areas PRECISION BALANCE SECURA213-1S SARTORIUS STANDARD

Sartorius™ Balanzas de precisión Entris™

Delivers effective and reliable weighing results in daily work. Sartorius™ Entris™ Precision Balances provide easy and clearly structured user interface, logical key assignment and excellent readability for error-free operation. BALANCE ENTRIS 620G X 0.001G INTERNAL CAL

Sartorius™ Cubis™ Series MSU1203S Model Precision Balance

Choose from thousands of options to configure this balance to suit individual needs and obtain the optimal solution for integration into the weighing process. Sartorius™ Cubis™ Series MSU1203S Model Precision Balances can be seamlessly integrated into your individual workflows. BALANCE CUBIS MSU1203S-000-DE TOP PAN 1200G MANUALmg draft shield 100-240V 50-60Hz 0.001/0.01mg

Ohaus™ Balanza portátil


OHAUS™ Balanzas de precisión y analíticas Explorer™

La Explorer ha alcanzado el siguiente nivel de genialidad al ampliar sus características y diseño modernos para ofrecer una funcionalidad inigualable. Balance Explorer 4KG/10mg